Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Life Protect 24/7 Care Specialist Calms PTSD Attack Victim

Based in Virginia Beach, Life Protect 24/7 offers customers a dedicated way of contacting a care specialist in times of emergency. Through pushing the SOS button on their portable devices, Life Protect 24/7 customers are able to access knowledgeable assistance and get connected to local first responders.

The uses of this service are varied and include helping avert attacks of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In one case, a military veteran, Bonita, experienced severe flashbacks of traumatic experiences encountering land mines. At home and frantic to gain relief, she pressed the SOS button and was immediately put through to ShaeLynn on the 2-way eResponder medical device.

Bonita told ShaeLynn of her PTSD attack and was provided with assurance that help was on the way. Taking care of the dispatch process, ShaeLynn placed a colleague Kaila on the line to stay with Bonita and calm her, talking her through the symptoms. While Bonita waited for assistance, ShaeLynn came back on the line and conversed with the military veteran about her decade of service for the country.

ShaeLynn brought up her own father’s military service as a touchstone and this helped in restoring Bonita’s psychological balance. The Dowagiac, Michigan, police and medical responders arrived shortly thereafter and took over. ShaeLynn and Kaila went back to their roles as care specialists, ready for the next opportunity to help others in need.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Medical Alert Devices Can Help Veterans Handle Intrusive PTSD Symptoms

Life Protect 24/7, a medical alert company, provides people with the sense of security that comes from realizing that they will receive prompt medical attention in any high-stress scenario. During a crisis or medical emergency, Life Protect 24/7 customers activate their alert device to connect to trained specialists at the company's around-the-clock monitoring center.

Alert devices are valuable to a wide range of users, including those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). A mental health condition resulting from exposure to trauma, PTSD causes individuals to have disruptive symptoms, including intrusive flashbacks or startle responses. At times, symptoms of PTSD can feel so severe that those with the condition may consider hurting themselves or others. With a medical alert device, however, an individual with PTSD can reach out for help and avoid such threats.

In fact, Bonita, a military veteran, recently testified to the value of her medical alert device in avoiding a PTSD attack. When overcome with memories of landmine explosions and other horrors she witnessed during her service, Bonita became highly agitated and considered self-harm. However, Bonita used her medical alert device to connect with a monitoring professional who kept the veteran calm until help arrived.